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Sculptra is a deep dermal filler which stimulates your own collagen to replace lost volume within your skin. Sculptra can be used all over your body and is designed to replenish your own collagen and restore lost volume.

Traditional dermal fillers address wrinkles, lines and folds by sitting where the collagen was, Sculptra stimulates the growth and reproduction of your own collagen, rebuilding to treat underlying causes of aging.

Sculptra is sterile suspension of Poly-L-Lactic acid, which is a biocompatible (does not harm the body), synthetic polymer from the alpha-hydroxy acid family (fruit acids). Poly-L-Lactic acid has been used medically for many years in dissolvable stitches, and does not require pre-treatment skin testing for allergies.

Sculptra requires the injection into the skin and underlying tissues of Poly-L-Lactic acid. Sculptra is designed to help correct skin depression, such as creases, wrinkles, folds, scars, hollow eye rings, skin aging, and facial lipo-atrophy (loss of fat).

Sculptra has been used since 1999 in more than 150,000 patients in more than 30 countries primarily for cosmetic use. In Canada, Sculptra has recently been approved for aesthetic medicine and reconstructive use.

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All Prestige Body Sculpture treatments are administered by Dr Kay

Dr Kay JegedeDr Kay is a fully qualified NHS GP and Aesthetic doctor. She graduated with honours from the University of Liverpool in 2008. After qualification she gained extensive experience in a number of different medical and surgical fields including A&E and women’s health before choosing to specialise in General Practice. During her training, she also undertook a Master’s degree in Public Health and Health Promotion and developed a greater insight into the factors which affect our overall health and wellbeing. She gained membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2014.

Dr Kay splits her clinical work between GP practice in North East London and aesthetic medicine. She is a passionate believer of holistic health and wellbeing, and provides outstanding service for all her clients, creating a serene, calm and professional environment for them to be treated in. Dr Kay provides and strives for the highest standards, which is reflected not only in the range of treatments, using reputable and superior products to deliver superb results.

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