Hip Dip Correction

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Create Fuller Hips with Hip Dip Correction

Hip dips are naturally occurring, inward curving of the hips and is associated with the shape of your bones. Whilst you can make subtle changes through your diet and exercise, you cannot change your bone structure. Here at Prestige Body Sculpture we have found a safe and non-evasive solution for unwanted hip dips.

Our revolutionary Sculptra is an inject-able Poly-Lactic Acid which is injected into the area of concern, plumping the area, to fill the unwanted gap.

The procedure is safe, non-evasive and offers next to no downtime. There will be some bruising for 7-10 days after the procedure, but this will fade – leaving you with your desired hips for up to two years before the filler naturally dissipates. Sculptra is the most popular and best filler for non surgical hip dip correction procedures in the UK.  Sculptra actually encourages the development of fresh collagen in the recipient’s body. As such, Sculptra differs from the likes of hyaluronic acid fillers that merely create volume rather than encouraging natural collagen production.

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